EllyElly Stigter

My name is Elly Stigter and I am working for Initiatives of Change Netherlands (IofC) from May 1, 2018 as a project coordinator and administrative assistant.

After obtaining a degree in Business Adminstration in Amsterdam, I worked for more than 15 years at big multinationals, such as ABN AMRO and KPN, as a project manager always on the intersection of IT and process optimization. In 2010, I retrained as an interior designer and I set up my own interior design agency. It was great to work as an entrepreneur and doing many great projects, but I missed having colleagues and wanted my work to be more socially involved. That is how I found IofC.

My activities and topics within IofC are:

  • Finance and fundraising
  • Building management and maintenance
  • Project world food day: awareness around food waste and plant-based eating
  • Organizing dinners and lunches (around specific topics)
  • Equal rights for women 
  • Storytelling activities and thematic events
  • Personal development and social entrepeneurship

And I am a mother of two young adults: Jelle and Amber. I love to cook, travel, go hiking and have a good conversation.

When you are in The Hague, please feel free to come and meet me in person at our IofC centre. Hope to see you soon!