Uyên LuUyên Lu

Uyên Lu started on July 2, 2019 as communication coordinator at IofC Netherlands. Although shortly in this position, she is involved to IofC since 1999 as a volunteer. First in the Family Working Group and later as a member of the Supervisory Board for six years.

Uyên has had a long career of 28 years in business. In this position she held various positions such as project leader, campaign coordinator, desk account manager and marketer. After completing a study psychosocial therapy in part time, she started her own business in 2015 as psychosocial therapist.

In addition, Uyên also remains active as a member of the board of de Bond van Nederlandse Militaire Oorlogs- en Dienstslachtoffers (Dutch Veteran Association for traumatized public servants), member of the board of the Resilience Foundation and chairwoman of the Vietnam Human Rights Foundation.

In 2018, she published a book about her life under her own license, entitled "Hidden resilience". The book is about her first eleven years of life during the Vietnam War, five years under the Communist regime, her three attempts to escape from this reign of terror by boat and her new life as a sixteen-year-old girl in The Netherlands.

Uyên is responsible for coordinating internal and external communication for IofC Netherlands, implementing the communication strategy. She is also involved in the effective use of the communications channels, for the distribution of electronic and paper newsletters and other print production.