woensdag, juli 27, 2022

Seeking answers to sustainability questions in Caux

Earlier this month we formally concluded our sustainability project Go Green! at the Maker Faire in Delft.* To our surprise, Initiatives of Change Netherlands (IofC NL) received a last-minute request to come and play the Sustainability Game during the Land, Lives and Peace conference at Initiatives of Change’s (IofC) international conference center in Caux, Switzerland. Thus, at the last minute, we got the opportunity to reach new heights with the Sustainability Game … literally and figuratively! We did not have to think twice about this special request: well supplied with bottled water, healthy snacks, and sunscreen, we drove into the splendid mountains of Caux.

The conference centered around the theme of sustainability, with an emphasis on sustainable finance and business. The audience mainly consisted of professionals with a background in fair finance. Virtually all participants had heard of the European Green Deal. ‘Europe’s sustainability policy is not perfect, but it is still the best tool to realize a sustainable future’, one participant commented.

At the conference, IofC NL gave a presentation about Go Green! and the critical insights about young adults, sustainability, and engagement we acquired. During the subsequent panel round, the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions about these insights. During the conference, we had many opportunities to discuss with an engaged and energetic audience pressing questions such as ‘How can we reach disengaged and/or climate-skeptic young adults?’ And: ‘How can we improve the quality of our Sustainability Game?' We will consider this input for a possible sequel of Go Green!

Moving from fair finance to sustainable lifestyle choices, the audience at Caux was presented with new knowledge during the Sustainability Game. With an average score of 60 out of 90 points, some of the questions turned out to be quite challenging, even to our engaged and knowledgeable audience. It also aroused a lot of curiosity and we were given some excellent feedback.

Overall, the participants were enthusiastic about the Sustainability Game. Two participants have asked us to come and play the game with their audience. We have also been invited to participate in IofC’s 2023 summer conference in Caux.

Our visit to Caux was a success. During a morning session, as we were overlooking the beautiful mountains, one participant called Caux, ‘the perfect place for seeking answers’.  We can only agree!

By Shereen Siwpersad.

*Go Green! is co-financed by the Dutch representation of the EU.