Buro EU: Searching The Hague for stories about sustainabilityFoto: Pablo Serrano Medina

How do young people from The Hague engage with the topic of sustainability? How sustainable is their way of living? What do they know about Europe’s sustainability politics? And what are their views on climate change? Buro EU is looking for answers!

Buro EU is a mobile pop-up office that assesses people’s personal views on Europe and other social issues. In 2020, Buro EU searched the city of The Hague for views on climate change and sustainability.

In these times of heightened awareness, we are constantly reminded of pressing environmental problems such as the global increase of CO2 emissions and the proliferation of plastic in the oceans. How will these environmental issues affect our future? Which sustainability and climate-related desires and concerns does this generation have? To which extent do they feel responsible for ensuring a sustainable future? And to which extent do they view Europe’s sustainability politics as a vehicle for change?

Foto: Pablo Serrano MedinaSearching the streets

In 2020, Buro EU searched the city of The Hague, collecting the stories of young citizens and their views on sustainability. We have engaged in public conversations, but we have also conducted individual in-depth interviews to capture their personal views on sustainability. These are stories that express optimism as well as uncertainty.  

Our mission

Buro EU’s goal is to give a voice to young people. We wish to capture their concerns, doubts, and dreams and share their stories with the general public. Young people are often not involved in policymaking and the political dialogue on social issues such as climate change. However, it is vital that young people are part of this dialogue. After all, the burden of implementing and living by these policies will fall onto their shoulders and those of future generations.

We also aim to include young people in the dialogue on social themes. How do they envision social change? To which extent do they feel personally responsible for change and improvement? And what is, according to them, the responsibility of European politics in these dynamics of change?

Sustainability Stories

In 2021, we will travel through The Hague, displaying these sustainability stories in a photo exhibition. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news!

Below we have collected a few of these stories.


Susanna and Sofie 

'Start small and ignite that spark'
Susanna (22, left) and Sofie (24, right)



‘Sustainability is THE challenge of our time’
Mari (22)



‘Everyone can make an impact’
Evander (18)


Foto Nicolas 

‘It helps when you go through transitions together’
Nicolas (21)