dinsdag, september 14, 2021 - 14:00 to 18:00

Casa Amalia Open house & Student Flea market on 2021 September 14

Open house for introducing Casa Amalia as a "Home for students across cultures". You can have coffee while shopping at our flea market!

On Tuesday, 14th September, all international students in Den Haag will be welcome in our building at Amaliastraat with your free ticket. Show your ticket and someone will guide you to the place where you can buy a very cheap second-hand winter jacket, blanket, a pair of winter boots, bedding sheet or a set of utensils or dining tools while getting your coffee or tea for free!!

You need to register for a time slot of 45 minutes visit (due to corona regulations):
Between 14.00-14.45, 15.00-15.45, 16.00-16.45, and 17.17.45 CEST

Please register here!

Team Casa Amalia