dinsdag, februari 11, 2020 - 18:00 to 20:00

Casa Amalia

Dear students,

We like to welcome you to the next eveving at Casa Amalia for a meeting and dining with friends.

It's almost Valentine, so let's talk about LOVE :) - How do you picture LOVE?
People experience and express love in various ways in different cultures, different religions, in different context. Both in good times and in bad times. How do you experience and express your love?

Join us at Casa Amalia: Amaliastraat 10 The Hague. Please send an email to willem.jansen@iofc.nl 

We hope to see you on February 11th and feel free to bring a friend along. Welcome! 
Free of charge.

The Casa Amalia team

Casa Amalia is an initiative of Initiatives of Change, HaastU and IFES