woensdag, januari 24, 2018

The Hague is a dynamic and lively city that attracts students from the Netherlands and abroad. In total, there are 28,500 students studying at higher education institutions in The Hague, 4,000 of them from abroad. These institutions are Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University), The Hagie University of Applied Sciences, Leiden University Campus The Hague and the Royal Conservatoire The Hague amongst others.

When you decide to study in The Hague from abroad you are embarking on an adventure.  You are opening yourself up to new experiences: you will meet new people and get to see other perspectives and cultures. It offers opportunities as well as challenges, because you will be pushed out of your comfort zone since all the things you have taken for granted like your home, friends, and job will change all at once.

Studying abroad is known to make you feel the full range of emotions: excited, happy, sad, lonely, independent, scared and homesick are just a few. Excitement and happiness are more easily shared. But where can you go when you are feeling the need for a safe haven or an anchor as an international student? Casa Amalia is an initiative that provides exactly this: a home away from home. Located at Amaliastraat 10, in the city centre of The Hague, you are welcome to this house every Sunday evening between 5 and 10 pm.

Casa Amalia offers a home away from home for international students. You can meet other (international) students and (international) volunteers from The Hague. The house has a cosy kitchen where you can cook and eat together, and it has a big living room with couches, books and a projector for movie nights. In other words: all the ingredients are there to make this a home that is, as the Dutch would call it, gezellig. 

Are you an international student and would you like to join one of our evenings? You are very welcome to join us on Sunday evening from 5 pm at Amaliastraat 10. Please send an email to willem.jansen@iofc.nl if you join for the first time.

Are you living in The Hague and would you like to meet new people at and contribute to Casa Amalia? Please send an email to willem.jansen@iofc.nl.

We look forward to welcome you in our home away from home!

Casa Amalia is an initiative of the student chaplaincy of The Hague (Haastu) in collaboration with the Dutch Foundation of Initiatives of Change.