maandag, februari 12, 2018

With growing activities in Switzerland, and as part of the Initiatives of Change (IofC) global movement, 'the CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation' seized the opportunity of the global IofC brand refresh, to change their name to 'Initiatives of Change Switzerland'. 



Often known as “Caux”- they have kept this name in IofC Switzerland's flagship event the 'Caux Forum' and in their one-of-a-kind conference centre: 'the Caux Palace' – conference and seminar centre.

History of IofC Switzerland

The Foundation was founded in 1946, the same year it acquired the Caux Palace, just above Montreux. From mainly an international conference centre they have now developed their reach beyond Caux as IofC Switzerland is also running activities in Geneva and increasingly across Switzerland. The work of IofC Switzerland, in line with the global IofC Network, is on trust building through dialogue facilitation and training in the areas of migration and youth engagement. They are also recently trialing the use of IofC’s tools in resilience building for the humanitarian sector. Finally, IofC Switzerland is developing a programme and conference on Ethical Leadership in Business and how to develop a trust-based corporate culture.

The refreshed logo maintains the essence of the previous one, but has a fresh look and feel to be more relevant to today’s continuously changing audience. The path represents the individual’s journey through life and the personal change process and the sphere the world and how Initiatives of Change helps its members to grow and build a better future for generations to come.

By Stephanie Buri, Director of Communications and Knowledge Management IofC Switzerland