vrijdag, juni 14, 2019 - 18:30

Documentary 'Faith in the Resistance Movement'The documentary 'Faith in the Resistance Movement' sets out to show a perspective on the 1960s and the dictatorship in Uruguay from the point where political participation and faith intersect, bringing to expression the commitment to justice and dignity through the voices of both people and organizations who lived on the front lines. On the evening of Friday June 14, the Dutch launch of the documentary will take place in the center of Initiatives of Change Netherlands.

Neither prison nor repression can limit one’s search for the transcendent as a path towards hope and resilience. Fasts, masses, religious rites, and convents served as strongholds of resistance, solidarity, and participation when the traditional channels of political and social participation were censured in Uruguay. The objective of Faith in the Resistance Movement is to bring to light the stories of people who lived out a political, social, and religious commitment during the 1960’s through the years of the dictatorship and the return to democracy, in their own words.

The evening is organized by the filmmakers of the documentary and Iniatives of Change Netherlands provides the space to make the launch possible.


At the beginning of the meeting we will have a brief introduction to the context of dictatorships in Latin America in the context of the Cold War and the implementation of the Condor Plan by the United States. We will explain the research work of the archives that link religions with resistance and support for dictatorships. We will show the documentary for 80 minutes (spoken in Spanish subtitled in English) and then we will maintain an interaction with the filmmakers. With these inputs we will have many suggestions to reflect together on how religions are linked today with social and political changes in the local and global context.


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