Faith in Human Rights@75 - Towards 75 year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 2023 in Peace Palace The Hague

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Faith in Human RightsFaith in Human Rights@75, towards 75 year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights' is the title of a new program of Initiatives of Change Netherlands (IofC NL). The program intends to incite enthusiasm for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). On the way to its 75th anniversary on 10 December 2023, we organise different events that show how universal human rights impacts all of us.

Exactly 75 years ago, members of the United Nations started a cross-cultural dialogue on what it means to all of us to have rights on account of being born into a human family. Delegates from all possible backgrounds and worldviews voted in favor of the Universal Declaration on 10 December 1948. The dialogue on what universal human rights actually mean still continues. Meanwhile, the Declaration has inspired millions of people in a worldwide movement.


Programma in 2022

Modern slavery - about labor exploitation in The Hague

Commissioned by the Haagse Vredes initiative (HVI), the Dialogue Foundation in The Hague initiated a project on modern slavery. The program Faith in Human Rights of IofC Netherlands matched.
Watch the YouTube video below for a first impression of the exhibition.

Beyond the Sand and the Peat: Towards a Localized Human Rights Culture in The Hague, International City of Peace and Justice
How do we analyse the human rights culture in The Hague? - Mi Jung van der Velde, Willem Jansen en Mark Hann​​​​

Bringing Home Human Rights - Tracing a Human Rights Culture in The Hague 
What does a bottom-up approach reveal about our local human rights culture? - Willem Jansen

The power of positivity: a conversation with human rights activist Mpanzu Bamenga
How do we turn our negative emotions into resilience and positivity? - Daan Korfage


Festival Faith in Human Rights 8 December 2022 at The Hague University of Applied Sciences 

With the Faith in Human Rights program, IofC wants to bring Human Rights closer to people, especially young people. IofC NL and The Hague University of Applied Sciences (HHs) are organizing the Faith in Human Rights Festival together on Thursday 8 December 2022.

Maart 2022: 

Art and human rights: a powerful combination
'Art is not only a powerful means of expressing yourself, but it also helps to raise awareness in others,” says Mi Jung' - By The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Lana Vink and Mart Zoon, two bachelor's communication students from the Inholland University of Applied Sciences have been commissioned by Initiatives of Change a documentary about modern slavery. Their conclusion: modern slavery is closer than you think. It also exists in the Netherlands, even in your own city of The Hague. It remains a difficult and complex subject. But continue to talk about it and figure out what works the best! Upon suspicions of modern slavery you can call anonymously with the number 0800 5151 from Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

February 2022: 

The right to beauty
...'Lookism and discrimination on the basis of appearance occurs worldwide. They concern women and men.' An interview with the makers of the documentairy 'The Right to beauty' - By The Hague University of Applied Sciences


As a start to the Faith in Human Rights Festival, Janneke Wubs (HHs) and Willem Jansen (IofC NL) were interviewed in January by Karin Hiralal of HHS. This interview has already been published on HHs's Employee Network. “We want to put human rights on the agenda so that people start thinking about the importance of human rights for themselves, fellow students, colleagues, neighbors, and fellow citizens. And talk to each other about how they can guarantee and respect each other's rights.” Read more >> (only available in Dutch)

January 2022: 

Four students of the Skin Therapy course at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Andrianna Żywolewska, Florence Stigter, Irene Wessels and Janneke van Wegberg, have researched the question: to what extent is beauty a human right? They have collected various views on this question, including those of the population of The Hague and experts in the field of beauty, psychology, and human rights. The result of this research is summarized in a film of approximately 17 minutes (only available in Dutch):

4 October 2021

The video pitch was made by three students Matteo Parato, Charlotte Meyer, and Ida Wächtler from Leiden University College as part of the Faith in Human Rights project.
“The Hague is the most segregated city in the Netherlands. We see large differences in income, differences in the percentage of residents with a migration background, and differences in general quality of life in different neighborhoods. Lower-income levels are associated with higher percentages of residents with a migrant background and lower quality and access to health care. Where are human rights violated and where are they protected? The 'Mapping' subproject tries to identify these areas using photovoice. The students will first take pictures, communicate with their peers, and include their results in a presentation. The result will help us better understand segregated The Hague.

Program in 2021 - Interviews and dialogues with human rights defenders

In a series of interviews and dialogue, we discuss the motivation of people to engage themselves in human rights activism; the spiritual or moral basis of human rights; the judicial side of human rights
and its meaning for the rule of law and human rights as a political instrument.

Celebrating 75 Years of 'Linggadjatie Agreement' - On the first contours of a human rights culture
A dialogue with independent journalist and writer Aboeprijadi Santoso (only available in Dutch)


Jessica den Outer

Should we give rights to Nature?
A dialogue with environmental lawyer Jessica den Outer




Uyên Lu by Mariel Kolmschot'The Universal Declaration of Human Rights serves for me as a guideline for activism'
 A conversation with Uyên Lu, human rights activist and psychosocial therapist 



Tim Verheij - Jurist HiiL

'User-friendly justice is the best way forward'
A conversation with Tim Verheij, a researcher at The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law





'Our human rights are enshrined within our faiths'
A conversation with prof. Azza Karam, Secretary-General to Religions for Peace



Matthew Neuhaus, Australian Ambassador in the Netherlands

'People have rights as well as duties'
A conversation with Matthew Neuhaus, Australian Ambassador to the Netherlands


Willem Jansen - Program coordinator IofC Netherlands
‘Onbegrensde’ vrijheid van meningsuiting (only available in Dutch)
'Juristen en politici hebben sindsdien het document gekaapt als basis voor internationaal recht, respectievelijk een vorm van mensenrechtendiplomatie.'  - Willem Jansen