donderdag, mei 7, 2020

iftar pngwing.comFurther away from home

Ramadan is a time for increased spirituality, connection with God, and reflections. It is a time when heart and mind are recharged with extra prayers and the body is refreshed with a lighter diet. Ramadan is also an experience to share with others. At home, Syria, we normally have Iftar (breaking-the-fast meal) together with relatives and we share food with neighbors. After Iftar, we have a group prayer and we gather around the TV with some dessert and a cup of tea. Every evening is a social gathering and a celebration of joy. 

Ramadan in the Netherlands already does not feel as the “real” Ramadan I know at home; unless you have your family around or a group of friends with whom you can share the experience of fasting and Iftar. I am one of those people with no direct family to celebrate this holy month with in the Netherlands. Nowadays with the Corona restrictions, the experience is even less social. Without shared meals, group prayers, and joyful evenings Ramadan does not feel the same at all.  To compensate, I find myself video-calling my family back home a few times a day and watch Arabic tv shows to feel more at home. 

This Corona-restrictions time made me feel more grateful for being safe, healthy and able to afford my living. At the same time, it made me feel more farther away from home and my family. This time is not an easy time for everyone but when we overcome it, we will all be stronger and appreciate each other more. 

Rajin Alqallih,
The Hague

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