Go Green!

In reaction to the growing climate crisis, Europe has proposed a set of green policy initiatives, also known as the European Green Deal. Young people, however, often feel excluded from political decision-making. This sense of exclusion was frequently expressed during Buro EU, a 2018 climate-centered project initiated by Initiatives of Change The Netherlands (IofC). We are forced to wonder: How can we involve young people in Europe’s climate goals? And how can we further promote the European Green Deal to this group?

In our new program Go Green!, IofC and students set out to search for new perspectives on climate and sustainability. Inspired by the Dutch expression ‘a better world begins with you’, IofC aims to make young people reflect on these perspectives and encourage them to adopt sustainable lifestyle choices.  

During visits to green citizens’ initiatives, organic/vegetarian cooking workshops, and other activities, students will have the opportunity to reflect upon their own ideas about sustainability. How can they translate these green perspectives into green behavior? Which tools for sustainable living do they need? What do they know about the Green Deal and the role of the EU? During this project, students will contemplate these questions by thinking green and going green.

This project is made possible by Initiatives of Change The Netherlands and the representation of the European Commission in the Netherlands.


IofC will write a short report on each Go Green! event. You can read these below.  

1. Seeking answers to sustainability questions in Caux - Go Green! at the Land, Lives and Peace conference 2022 (published 27 July)

2. What do young adults need to make sustainable choices? - the final phase of Go Green! (published 23 june 2022)

3. Bean burgers, seedlings and electric daisies - the vegan cooking workshop at THUAS (9 May 2022)

4. Is sustainability a design problem? IofC's sustainability days at TU Delft (17 & 17 February 2022)

5. Is this generation in need of a green empowerment movement? Go Green! as a source for inspiration for young adults (publ. 28/01/2022)

6. Is Minimalism the lifestyle of the future? IofC's Sustainability Night with international students (2 November 2021)

7. In search of sustainability: Go Green! and IofC's Sustainability Week at The Hague University and InHolland (4-8 October 2021)


Impression of IofC's Sustainability Week 2021

Activities Go Green!

For Go Green! we have organized and hosted the following activities:

A. Sustainability Game during the Sustainability Week - 4 - 8 October 2021
B. Vegetarian hamburger taste test and movie night - 2 November 2021
C. Visit to Floating Farm - 2 December 2021
D. Sustainability Game at the Technical University Delft - 16 t/m 17 February 2022
E. Den Haag Kleurt Groen/The Hague Goes Grees - 23 April 2022
F. Vegan cooking workshop - 6 May2022
G. Visit to socio-ecological housing project Groene Mient - 17 May 2022
H. Sustainability Game during Electronical Waste Conference - 19 May 2022
I. Sustainability Game during the Maker Faire Delft - 4 June 2022
J. Sustainability Game during the Land, Lives and Peace Conference in Caux, Zwitserland - 16 t/m 18 July 2022

Please contact project coordinator Elly Stiger for more information!

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