Hennie de PousHennie de Pous-de Jonge

After training to be a teacher Hennie de Pous-de Jonge worked for five years with Moral Re-Armament/Initiatives of Change in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. On her return to the Netherlands she became editor of Nieuw Wereld Nieuws, later called Ander Nieuws, the Dutch MRA/IofC publication and since 1998 editor and webmaster of the Dutch MRA/IofC website.

She has with her husband organised programmes and conferences for families and youth both in the Netherlands and in IofC's conference centre in Caux, Switzerland. From 1980 till 1990 she held different positions in the Christian Democratic Party (CDA) both national and local. Since 2016 she changed her political affiliation to the Dutch Green party.

From 1990 till 2000 she taught in a primary school in a multicultural area in the The Hague. Since 2000 she has been involved in intercultural and interreligious dialogue in the Netherlands resulting in several international conferences in Caux. She was also part of the international team responsible for the Agenda for Reconciliation conferences in Caux. And in 2005 she initiated the Caux conference A Heart and a Soul for Europe. From 2002 she was part of the international communication group of IofC. From 2008 till 2012 she was member of the International Council of IofC, of which the last two years responsible for IofC’s partnership with international organisations and the UN office of Initiatives of Change International in Genève.

In September 2005 her book Reiken naar een nieuwe wereld about the history of the Oxfordgroup, Moral Re-Armement and Initiatives of Change in the Netherlands since 1924 was published by Kok, Kampen. In 2009 the English version Reaching for a New World was published by Caux Books, Switzerland.

Since 2016 she has exchanged her active involvement in the activities of IofC Netherlands for an advising and supporting role. Besides that she is since 2015 secretary of the Dutch IofC board, and in that capacity an active member of the International Association of IofC International.

Her interests were and are among other things politics, Europe, nature and environment, religion and how to increase social cohesion in society.

She is married to Johannes de Pous. They have three children and four grandchildren.