donderdag, april 5, 2018 - 19:00

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Do you want to know more about the current state of Ukraine? And do you want to be inspired by a story of the grassroots work done by Foundations for Freedom? Please join us on April 5 as Initiatives of Change (IofC) organizes an evening around the work of the IofC-based NGO Foundations for Freedom (F4F) in the Ukraine. Olena Kashkarova will give you an insight in the current context of the country and zooms in on the opportunities and challenges she faces in her work.


You are welcome to walk in from 7 pm and the programme will start at 7.30 pm. 

Olena Kashkarova will start with giving a short overview of the general situation in Ukraine and then focuses on of Foundation for Freedom. She will elaborate on successes and challenges in regard to two main areas of activity of the foundation. Firstly, she will discuss the project Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past. This project explores different understandings of history as a root of conflict in the Ukrainian society. Secondly, she will share her experience with the general dialogue work that Foundation for Freedom are involved in through the Network of Dialogue Facilitators

The presentation will be followed by a question and answer session. After this session we will close the official part of the program and we invite you to continue the conversation over drinks.

Foundations for Freedom

Foundations for Freedom is an international NGO registered in Ukraine. It was initiated in 1993 as a programme of IofC United Kingdom and works in Eastern Europe. Its mission is to foster the development of truly free, democratic and just society, where people live in commitment to the values where freedom thrives, in particular, honesty and personal responsibility.

About Olena Kashkarova

OlenaOlena Kashkarova (Ukraine) is a Ukrainian with a Russian family background. She became involved in IofC work of Foundations for Freedom in 2001. Furthermore, she contributed and worked with IofC within Europe, South-East Asia, Latin America and the United States. For three years she coordinated development of the training platform and community house in Baranivka village in Central Ukraine.

Her major interest lies in dialogue work, especially in Ukraine between people of different background and political views. She started the work, initiated dialogues between people of different political views during Maidan revolution in 2013-14 and worked for UN Programme for Development as a Specialist on Reconciliation. She studies Non-Violent Communication and explores embodiment practices to develop an integral approach to dialogue.

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