IofC aims to inspire, equip and connect people to play their part in building a better society. We believe in a bottom-up approach where we support and facilitate individuals, collectives and initiatives in their efforts to create a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. IofC places the search for inner wisdom at the heart of its approach. Below you can find some of the initiatives we are currently working on. 

Your initiative

Do you have an initiative that resonates with the spirit of IofC? And would you like to get to know us? Please contact us by sending an email to Elly Stigter with your question or check the agenda for upcoming events


Another option is to volunteer for IofC Netherland. We are always looking for people that can help us out by for instance being a host during events, photographing (for event pictures), gardening (for our small but very beautiful garden) and reporting. Are you interested to volunteer for us, please contact Elly Stigter by sending an email.


Initiatives in the Netherlands and abroad
Geloven in Groen
Faith in Green

Muslims, Hindus and Christians gather around their common beliefs of taking care for and protecting the earth and inspire and connect to take (joint) action to make their faith community in The Hague more sustainable. Initiatives of Change Netherlands (IofC) coordinates and facilitates the initiative that kicked-off in August 2017. For more information read the article 'Faith groups take action for a more sustainable future'.

Interfaith Conference 2016
Interfaith Conference

What started as a small-scale interreligious meeting for international students at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), has now grown into a conference attended by (mostly international) people from all over the Netherlands. The annual Interfaith Conference is organized by Initiatives of Change Netherlands in collaboration with Haastu, the International Student Chaplaincy and a group of students from the ISS. Want to know more? Read the article about the conference of 2018 where the topic was religion and science, or the article from the conference in 2017 with the theme Crossing borders, buidling bridges  

World Food Day

Every year we organize meetings and/ or activities to raise awareness for food safety and security. We do this in October around World Food Day (October 16). As food is a very important part of our lives and plays a big role in sustainable living, we aim to inspire and equip people to take conscious choices when it comes to food. In 2015 we organized a whole week around hormone disrupting chemicals (EDCs), in 2016 we raised awareness by helping to organize the premiere of a documentary on farming (small-scale versus industrial), in 2017 we organized an action to cut back on food waste and in 2018 we organized a cooking class for plantbased cooking.

International initiatives and trainings 

IofC is active in over 60 countries. Check for instance the following intiatives/ programmes/ trainings:  
- Training programmes at our IofC Switzerland center in Caux (July)  
- Programmes at our center in Panchgani (India) called Asia Plateau (all year round)
- Farmers' Dialogue (worldwide programme) 
- Creators of Peace (worldwide programme)


Illustration top of the page: Wytse Noordhof