vrijdag, mei 8, 2020

veld met fluitenkruidMeeting at a distance

Saw a friend yesterday after some time
We touched elbows
Like a spark flying across

Not touching seems to increase tension?
How to handle that?

I realise I am thinking of people more often
When doing so from a desire to enjoy contact
I see my tension rising.


Sometimes in silent comfort I try to think of a friend or family,
To be grateful for the contact or to recall a beautiful memory,
Without wanting to touch.
And especially: I truly wish them well.

Then a warm flow flies from me to them, who knows they may feel it…
But that also I release
I find I am relaxing.

Maybe in this way we can create a network of warmth
All can take part !
Today already….

Vincent de Vries, Driebergen