donderdag, april 30, 2020

A new era is in front of us

Recently I put my thoughts on the corona virus on paper. The end was: A new era is in front of us. What will it be? What can be my part in it?

Now I am asking myself how better to cooperate in dealing with the small and larger problems. So often you see good people getting in conflict and opposing each other, where they themselves and their spectators get disappointed and frustrated. You see this happening on a personal level but also in business and politics, on the national and international level.

How can we break this vicious circle? Could it be that we need to put ourselves more often in the shoes of the other person, the other party, that other country? That we learn to walk in each other’s moccassins?

What would I do if I were Rutte or Hoekstra? What would they do if they were Italian or Spanish ministers or a member of the European Commission?

Of if they – or you or I – were a refugee and were stuck in Greece? What matters is the tone, but also what it is all about.

Warmest greetings,

Aad Burger