vrijdag, 18 juni, 2021
uitzicht op Bandung

Some thoughts after reading 'Revolusi, Indonesia and the birth of the new world'

donderdag, 27 mei, 2021

The king opened the exhibition ‘Slavery’ in the renowned Dutch national Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The fact that it was shown live on television by the public broadcasting company indicated its importance.

donderdag, 25 februari, 2021
Rode regenworm - Foto: Wolfgang Eckert via Pixabay

Can the red earthworm get the chance to restore the balance in the earth, in the foundation of our existence?

zaterdag, 23 januari, 2021

If religion and worldview have contributed to the crisis, it is also evident that we must turn to the field of philosophy for the solution.  And in our case, Van Montfoort writes, to the field of Christian faith.

dinsdag, 22 december, 2020
De wereld vanuit mijn raam

Steadily I am moving towards the more beautiful world I want to see.

maandag, 13 juli, 2020
Wilde bloemen in de berm

The soil is the foundation of all agriculture. In order to provide a global population with healthy food, the soil must be healthy.

woensdag, 08 juli, 2020
herdenking slavernijverleden op 1 juli in Oosterpark, Amsterdam

The demonstrations in so many countries against racism and discrimination are impressive. Obviously restraints are gone. It is special that not only black people are demonstrating, but also white people. Widely supported discontent with unequal treatment.

donderdag, 18 juni, 2020

How can we live with the idea that 'I am more human than you', that 'my life is worth more than yours', that my skin colour is more valuable than yours'.

dinsdag, 16 juni, 2020
Photo by ᴘᴀᴜʟ ᴋᴀᴘɪꜱᴄʜᴋᴀ on Unsplash

Perhaps that is the ‘white privilege’ I now constantly hear about

dinsdag, 09 juni, 2020

Everything we do counts and small acts in the right direction can inspire people to act.