woensdag, 11 mei, 2022

If Putin had aimed to undermine Europe’s unity with his unprovoked attack on Ukraine, then he seems unsuccessful so far. If we believed after Brexit that a strong and unified Europe was a thing of the past, then it is now time to reconsider that belief.

woensdag, 04 mei, 2022

Tracing a human rights culture in The Hague

woensdag, 20 april, 2022

The power of positivity and human rights

donderdag, 31 maart, 2022
Kyiv nog in volle glorie

On 24-02-2022 a dark cloud of disaster fell over Ukraine, and outside Ukraine life became dark too.

woensdag, 02 maart, 2022

Tiny houses. State-of-the-art aircraft. High-tech windmills. Software that designs sustainable irrigation systems. Delft University of Technology (TUD) teems with green innovation. At the university campus, you can visit the Green Village, an open-air laboratory that displays student-made sustainable inventions and constructions.

vrijdag, 28 januari, 2022

A new age for sustainability and climate justice dawns. In an increasingly eco-conscious world, there are many challenges ahead for those who have a role to play in raising awareness and making a change.

dinsdag, 16 november, 2021

On Tuesday, November 2, 11 international students from different universities gathered to discuss sustainability, vegetarianism, and Minimalism with Initiatives of Change The Netherlands (IofC).

donderdag, 04 november, 2021
Duurzaamheidsspel - Foto: Uyên Lu

In search for sustainable lifestyle options

woensdag, 20 oktober, 2021
De Maas en het omliggende rivierenlandschap op hun mooist - Foto Maas Cleanup

A new era for nature, law and climate justice dawns. Environmental lawyer and activist Jessica den Outer puts it best: ‘We are on the brink of a breakthrough in environmental law, from nature as an object without rights to rights for all forms of life’.

donderdag, 05 augustus, 2021

What keeps a human rights activist motivated? To whom do you turn for guidance and assistance? Which sources provide hope and inspiration? And which dangers lie ahead? These are questions that Uyên Lu has had to grapple with.