donderdag, 28 mei, 2020
Iftar during the Ramadan

Fasting in Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islamic practice

donderdag, 28 mei, 2020
veld met fluitenkruid

Then a warm flow flies from me to them

donderdag, 07 mei, 2020

This Corona-restrictions time made me feel more grateful for being safe, healthy and able to afford my living.

dinsdag, 05 mei, 2020

How ironic is it then that I too, am slowly becoming the target of the virus from Wuhan?!

donderdag, 28 mei, 2020

From fear to love

donderdag, 30 april, 2020

What would I do if I was Rutte or Hoekstra? What would they do if they were Italian or Spanish ministers or a member of the European Commission?

donderdag, 30 april, 2020

This pandemic makes me realise what I have, and I start appreciating the little things in life.

vrijdag, 24 april, 2020
Zilvense hei

...During our small gatherings we laughed, ate and sang Taizé songs, bringing forth all sorts of nostalgic memories.

woensdag, 15 april, 2020
omgeploegde akker

a field waiting for what is to come

woensdag, 15 april, 2020

The first week after our ‘intelligent lockdown’ I was in action mode, as if it were a sprint. A marathon, maybe. Now I think this isn’t even a marathon. It is a new road and nobody knows where it will lead to.