dinsdag, 05 april, 2016
Initiatives of Change jongerenkampen in Papoea en op Java

Miftahul Huda and his wife Nenden and their young son Damai recently returned from a Trust Building Camp in Jaya Pura Papua, which had provided a safe space for young Muslims and Christians to get to know each other.

woensdag, 30 maart, 2016

In this times of turmoil, religious beliefs are often held accountable for disagreement, tension and conflict. However, religion, despite being portrayed as the source of divisions, can also serve as a tool for creating connections. On the 15th of March the Society for International Development (SID) organized a debate to explore the ways and conditions under which religious beliefs foster mutual understanding. Willem Jansen (Initiatives of Change), Mahardhika Sadjad (ISS) and Ilyaas Sherally (MashriQ) shared their personal experiences to trigger discussion and open up avenues for new insights on religion as dialogue.

vrijdag, 01 januari, 2016

Read more about the international centre of Initiatives of Change in Caux, Switzerland in the Caux- conference report 2015. Here you will find reports on all the conferences that took place in the summer of 2015 and get a glimpse of the diversity of Caux.

maandag, 12 oktober, 2015

Behind our salads and cheap painkillers, our sunscreen and microwaved pasta hides a whole range of moral challenges. Professionals and consumers discussed these challenges in the week leading up to World Food Day on 16 October, during a series of activities organised by Initiatives of Change Netherlands.

donderdag, 12 november, 2015

The widespread use of endocrine disrupting chemicals in everyday products is not without risk. Hormone-related diseases increase. What actions can we take as consumers and professionals? This was a theme of discussion during several meetings organised by Initiatives of Change Netherlands.

vrijdag, 10 juli, 2015

Personal and political ‘resurrection(s)’ in Russia? was the daring title that Swiss-American political scientist Catherine Guisan gave to her lecture on Russia on 2nd of June in the IofC centre in The Hague. Over 40 international guests came together to listen and have a conversation on their experiences in Russia.