vrijdag, februari 12, 2010

Meeting today’s Challenges. What part can I play?

The first decade of the 21st century has seen a lot of uncertainty. Migration, economic and financial crises, environmental challenges, natural disasters; the world seems adrift. People feel powerless, outsiders, and no longer at home in their own countries. We see moral decay, erosion of civilised behaviour and increased aggression. Populist leaders take advantage of the feelings of dissatisfaction.

At the same time there are initiatives all over the world tackling these issues. Across generations people are looking for something different, for new forms of spirituality and community. They are asking themselves profound questions about the purpose of life and why we are here. There is a new dynamic at work – of which Initiatives of Change is just a part – as people look for change and begin the process of change.

You are warmly invited to a discussion evening on the theme:

Meeting today’s Challenges What part can I play?

Speaker: Alice Cardel Place: Amaliastraat 10, 2514 JC Den Haag

Date and time: Wednesday 17 March 2010, from 20.00 till 22.00 hours

You are welcome from 19.30 for coffee or tea.

Alice Cardel, originally from the Philippines, is director of the Department of Training of ‘Initiatives of Change International’ in Geneva. Ms Cardel has a wide experience in the field of training. She uses the Bridge Model Way, which she designed while studying for her Masters degree in Public Administration at Columbia University in New York. She worked in Bloomfontain, South Africa after the end of apartheid with government and community leaders. She saw the need for helping people exercise their position of leadership in a way that builds and inspires. She has worked for IofC in Latin and North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Pacific. She also served as Special Assistant for Asia Pacific Affairs at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila. After her studies at Columbia University she launched a training company in New York. Her clients included government and non- government organizations, hospitals, religious orders, high schools and universities.

RSVP before 12 March via info@iofc.nl

The Amaliastraat is a side-street of the Mauritskade. It can be reached from Central Station with bus 22 or 24, from Hollands Spoor with tram 1, tram/bus stop Mauritskade. Free parking in the evenings at Plein 1813, four minutes walking distance from Amaliastraat.

You can download the invitation in pdf below.