woensdag, april 15, 2020

omgeploegde akkerA ploughed field

This morning I walked past a recently ploughed field. Such a beautiful sight: a field waiting for what is to come.

Perhaps the field full of grain or rapeseed will have a border of blooming flowers, but also mixed in with it spikey thistles. Suddenly I had to think of the new realities: the Corona virus has also ploughed every field. What will emerge from this?

From my mind sprang forth a list of positive and negative words:

C  contact / crisis

O  relief / dying

R  rest / disastrous

O  cheerful / insecure

N  sober / nightmare

A  attention / abandonment

I am a person who always makes lists. Every day I note down whom I want to app, mail, call or send a card to that day. Then I make a list with (household) chores.

Half way through the afternoon I am content when I have ticked off everything on my lists. Then I sit down with the newspaper and suddenly I realize I am tired and sad. Corona, how much longer?

Fortunately I have discovered how to cheer myself up, music! In the cupboard I look for the CD of the South African singer Amanda Strydom: ‘Kerse teen die donker’ (candles against darkness). Thát is what I will listen to and tonight I shall light a candle while enjoying a cup of coffee listening to Kaffee Kantate by Bach. Quite appropriate. And solace for the soul.

Hennie Jensen, Dieren

2020, April 15