woensdag, mei 29, 2019 - 19:00

Op woensdag 29 mei organiseert Initiatives of Change Nederland (IofC) een avond over het herstel van gedegradeerd land en het herstellen van ecosystemen in samenwerking met Ecosystem Restoration Camps (ERC). IofC streeft naar een rechtvaardige, vreedzame en duurzame wereld waaraan iedereen op eigen wijze een gewetensvolle bijdrage levert.

ERC is één van de voorbeelden hoe je als individu een verschil kan maken. Kirsten van Reisen, spreekster van de avond, zal over haar ervaring vertellen met ERC. Zij heeft 1 jaar als vrijwilligster gewerkt voor ERC in Spanje om te helpen aan landherstel. De spreektaal van de avond is Engels. Hieronder vind je de aanvullende informatie daarom ook in die taal.


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Climate change is a reality that is knocking on our front door. More and more people are starting to realize that the earth’s climate is changing and patterns in nature and weather are different from what they were before with disastrous outcomes. Although many people rise up asking for awareness, like the School Strike for Climate Movement, most of us who want to take action are wondering how to do it. Kirsten van Reisen also asked herself this question and found a way to contribute. She decided to work for an organization that restores degraded lands to ecological health and vitality again.

On May 29, she will share her personal story of volunteering one year for this organization called Ecosystem Restoration Camps (ERC). ERC’s director Pieter van der Gaag will join as well to share the potential future of the organization. After the contribution of the two speakers there is room for questions and an exchange on how we can work towards a more sustainable future for all life on earth.

About Kirsten van Reisen

Kirsten van ReisenWanting to answer the question of what activates us humans into doing good for the world, Kirsten studied psychology and international development at University College Utrecht, and Health, Community & Development at the London School of Economics. What she really wanted to know though, was why she herself had not yet done anything world-altering, and what insights into her own psyche she could use to put herself in action. She started her career in the international development sector at War Child Holland, as an evaluation researcher, to learn how to make an impact. After three years in the development sector Kirsten wanted to learn how to make a change at institutional and legislative level, and went on to work as a government advisor at Andersson Elffers Felix. Three years later, she found herself shovelling 40 tonnes of compost from wheelbarrows into barren Spanish soil, with a fun team of likeminded people, at the world's first Ecosystem Restoration Camp (ERC). She had quit her job to make a direct impact in restoring the damage humans have caused to nature, and spent a year building up this Camp. Upon return to The Netherlands, she now works as a social and environmental impact consultant at continues to volunteer for Ecosystem Restoration Camps on the side.

About Pieter van der Gaag

Pieter van der GaagDuring the past 23 years of his career, Pieter van der Gaag realised that sustainability strategies actually deliver economies of abundance and inclusion instead of the economies we are part of today which deliver scarcity, depletion and exclusion. Pieter has worked on sustainability strategies related to governance models, reporting and transparency initiatives, natural capital valuation, collaborative models, marketing of ideas, management, policy development within NGOs, multi-stakeholder initiatives, retail and finance. Currently, Pieter is an independent consultant that can help organisations understand and collaborate with its stakeholders, develop sustainability strategies and policies, and find responses to sustainability issues. He is actively working towards the economy of abundance and inclusion through Next Way of Living: an online platform that brings sustainably produced, circular, eco and fair products to larger currently hard to reach audiences. And he is passionate about ecosystem restoration, to which he devotes his energy as executive director of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps Foundation. ERC empowers people and communities to create abundant agricultural systems in places where life has left. Pieter will talk about the vision, mission and strategy of Ecosystem Restoration Camps on May 29. By making restoration accessible to all who are willing and able, we can fix our earth!



You are welcome to walk in from 7 p.m. and the programme will start at 7.30 p.m. After Kirsten and Pieter have shared their stories, it is time for interaction where you have the opportunity to share your story and / or questions. At about 8.45 p.m. we will close the official part of the programme and we invite you to continue the conversation over drinks.

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