vrijdag, mei 25, 2018 - 13:30

Breaking the chains | 25 mei 2018In many people’s minds, slavery is a phenomenon of a distant past. Yet while illegal in every country and perhaps not in plain sight anymore, slavery in terms of its numbers is more prevalent than ever before. It is neither an abstract phenomenon, nor something from the past. According to the latest estimate of the Global Slavery Index, a total of 40,8 million people are trapped in the realities of modern slavery. These people are forced to work without pay, under a threat of violence, cannot walk away and are used as a means to economic exploitation. Slavery exists in every country of the world, also in the Netherlands. And no matter where we live, all our lives are connected to modern slavery through the supply chains of everyday products we all use.

This symposium brings together the expertise of international and national abolitionists, highlighting the dynamics of slavery, the realities of those trapped in its threads, our connections to it, as well as its impact on our planet. It provides us with an understanding of what contemporary slavery entails and offers insights for solutions.

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Keynote-speaker is celebrated scholar, Prof. Kevin Bales, who is considered the global authority on modern slavery and the mechanisms at play keeping it alive in the 21st century. His leadership in combatting modern manifestations of slavery and extreme exploitation is recognized worldwide. He is lead author of the Global Slavery Index, head of the Rights Lab of the University of Nottingham, Pulitzer Price nominee and winner of two Emmy’s.

He will be joined by Tamme de Leur, journalist, national expert and advisor on dealing with human trafficking in the Netherlands. In collaboration with MetaStory Institute he has been actively engaged in setting up and teaching academic programs on the dynamics of human trafficking, educating both undergraduate as well as graduate students at Hogeschool Ede.

Subsequent to their presentations on the international and national perspectives, they will be joined in a panel-discussion by Jille Belisario (Fairwork), Natalia Robledo (FNV Domestic Workers) and Karin Astrid Siegmann (ISS/ Erasmus University).