dinsdag, april 5, 2016

Miftahul Huda and his wife Nenden and their young son Damai recently returned from the Trust Building Camp in Jaya Pura Papua, 29-31 January 2016, together with the SEARAH team (a local NGO) from Bandung. Miftahul writes:

IofC jongerenkampen in Papoea en op JavaThe camp was located at the beach of Krempong, two hours from the city of Jaya Pura, surrounded by forest and mountains and a river running alongside it. I got a little bit surprised as the local team prepared the programme at the beach, as it meant a lot of work was needed preparing the kitchen, meeting hall, prayer room, toilet and places to sleep, it really was a camp!

The first night that we were there it was humid, the second night it rained heavily and the third night was beautiful.

The programme created a safe space for both Muslim and Adventists to get to know each other through sessions and sharing in small groups. I was touched by every story I heard from local Papua and their genuine desire to live with nature, plus by their hospitality and their faith as Christians.

IofC jongerenkampen in Papoea en op Java

The camp's design was well thought out, led by young Pastor Oschar from the local church, with participation of young Adventists, plus Muslims from the Islamic University in the city and some local Muslim leaders from NU and HMI like Dr Tony Wanggai, Fadhel and the representatives from the interfaith network in Jaya Pura.

During the camp I also had a chance to talk to a Muslim group, most of them are transmigrants from Java island, Sulawesi and Sumatra. They shared with me that at first they were not sure about the programme and had some prejudices as it was all organized by the Christians, but after meeting me they felt safe. One Muslim friend said that he thought that he knew all about Islam but when he was asked about his faith, he said 'Now I need to learn more about my religion. I feel peaceful having friends that are different from me - I used to be judgemental, but now my prejudices and assumptions are broken towards them.'

IofC jongerenkampen in Papoea en op JavaI came home with a feeling of gratitude and hope. I can see with my own eyes what and how Papua is, as well as meeting Papua people and being connected to them and appreciating the beautiful nature of Papua. It matters how we, the people of Indonesia, care and listen to each other.

Two weeks after the camp had finished, the participants are still connected via social media, with many continuing to meet in their church or university in order to share and read the Holy book using the scriptural reasoning. They are also putting their thoughts in to action by cleaning the mosque and planning for a Community service together in the future. 

Andrew, a son of Pastor Daron, visited us for a day and made a video. You may not be able to understand what is being said (Bahasa Indonesia) but you can understand the body language and the view of our camp.