Dear all,

Since the outbreak urged us to cancel the activities, to put our self in quarantaine and much more, we have to deal with an abnormal situation. How can we get through it, what does it mean to us, to our famlily, friends, the one closed to us or far away?

What would you like to share with the world about your experience of the corona crisis? Join us and share with us your story! Please send your story to

Stay safe and stay at home!

The IofC team

April 3, 2020

* Please send your story (about 500 words) to including your full name, place of residence and a photo of you. The virus stories show the moment in time. The pictures of nature are telling us that the nature still moves on, while the virus crisis keeps us grounded.

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*Is it time to decolonize nature?

2021, July 7
'We must change our entire conception of nature'
Shereen Siwpersad


rode regenworm*The red earthworm

2021, February 7
'Can the red earthworm get the chance to restore the balance in the earth?'
Hennie de Pous-de Jonge


De wereld vanuit mijn raam | The world seen through my window*The world seen through my window

2020, December 2
'Steadily I am moving towards the more beautiful world I want to see.'
Willemijn Lambert


Wilde bloemen in de berm*The soil is the foundation

2020, July 13
'The soil is the foundation of all agriculture. In order to provide a global population with healthy food, the soil must be healthy.'
Anubhav Kandal


Iftar during the Ramadan - Photo Bisharo Ali HusseinCOVID-19 pandemic, a lesson of resilience

2020, May 24
'Fasting in Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islamic practice. During this holy month, Muslims wake up early to eat a pre-dawn meal called suhoor...'
Bisharo Ali Hussein


Een iftar groet - Foto Abdel Rahman* Ramadan in Corona time

2020, May 11
'A round two weeks ago, the Muslims over the world received their most famous month – “Ramadan”, which came this year in exceptional circumstances...'
Abdel Rahman, Driebergen


veld met fluitenkruidMeeting at a distance

2020, May 8
'Saw a friend yesterday after some time
We touched elbows...'
Vincent de Vries, Driebergen


iftar* Further away from home

2020, May 7
'Ramadan is a time for increased spirituality, connection with God, and reflections. It is a time when heart and mind are recharged with extra prayers...'
Rajin Alqallih, The Hague


The flag of the Netherlands on Liberation Day of May 5 2020* Our fragile freedom

2020, May 3
‘Chinese, Chinese! Wuhan, Wuhan’! yells a young blonde girl to me in English as she passes me on her bike in the opposite direction...' 
Uyên Lu, Drenthe


Azalea* From the Me-era to the We-era?

2020, May 1
'Because of the drastic measures in our everyday lives we are experiencing the consequences of the corona crisis at the core of our existence.'
Hester Mila-Groeneweg


* A new era is in front of us

2020, April 30
'Recently I put my thoughts on the corona virus on paper. The end was: A new era is in front of us. What will it be? What can be my part in it?'
Aad Burger, Utrecht


* Finding Hope!

2020, April 28
'The first time I realised how serious the corona virus was, was when we saw the press conference with our prime minister, announcing the lock down...'
Jan Joost Snoek


Zilvense hei* Marks for isolation-tolerance

2020, April 17
'This last month life together with my younger brother and sister and parents is lived quite differently than normal, as is the case for the rest of The Netherlands...'
Floris Joziasse, Rotterdam


omgeploegde akker* A ploughed field

2020, April 15
'This morning I walked past a recently ploughed field. Such a beautiful sight: a field waiting for what is to come....'
Hennie Jensen, Dieren


* A finish in a different world

2020, April 1
'We see the worst of people. American senators trivialised the virus and quickly sold their shares. Infected Chinese in Uganda bought their way out of quarantine...'
Irene de Pous, Den Haag

* Healing of hearts

2020, April 1
'On Wednesday, 11th March 2020, I visited a close relative in Rijswijk to discuss our counseling ministry for the Indonesian-Dutch community...'
Betty Sari 

Camelia* The nature will catch its breath again

2020, March 26
'By now we are in the second week of staying at home as much as possible. Last Monday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte told us that all meetings are forbidden until...'
Elly Stiger, Den Haag


* What does the corona virus do to us?

2020, March 25
'With the corona virus occupying everybody’s mind, I had to think back to Nigeria in 1954. I was there with an international Moral Re-Armament team and I got infected...'
Aad Burger, Utrecht

* The source of Trust and Wisdom 

2020, March 20
'A few nights ago a good friend asked me how I managed not get depressed. I then took my computer, my dog Donna asleep in the chair beside me, and wrote...'
Lotty Wolvekamp. Den Haag